Must Have Items For The Traveling Allied Healthcare Professional

Be Prepared! Must Have Items for

a Traveling Allied Healthcare


  1. Filtered Water Bottle: Instead of buying expensive bottles of water once you get through airport security, bring a filtered water bottle.  This allows you to drink water from almost any location without worrying about how pure its contents are.  As an added bonus, it will be a great aid in staying hydrated at work and while you’re exploring your new home.
  2. Duct Tape:  You never know when the sole of your shoe is going to fall apart or when your bag’s seams are going to rip, so it is in your best interest to cover all your bases and bring some duct tape on your journey.
  3. Pen and Notebook:  Does it ever seem like you never have a pen when you need one?  Stamp out that problem by keeping pen and paper handy at all times.  Plus, keeping a handwritten notebook is more intimate way to jot down that list of things you want to accomplish and notes on what you are learning during your contract.
  4. Non-Digital Address Book:  There is always a chance that the airlines will lose your bags or that you phone will crash during your time away, so keep a hand written address book with all of your personal and business contacts.
  5. Camera (w/Charger!):  You’re already documenting your trip with pen and paper, so why not add to the fun by taking a few pictures to really remember your marvelous journey?  Take a few shots while exploring your new town and remember this experience for a lifetime.
  6. Phone (w/Charger!):  This is a given.  Make sure to pack your charger in your carry-on bag.
  7. Power Strip with Extension cord:  It is always shocking how sparse outlets are in hotels, so remedy this issue by bringing an power strip with an extension cord for your convenience.
  8. Credentials for Facility:  Keep your address book, notebook, pen, and credentials all in one travel portfolio; this way you’ll always have your personal information in one place.
  9. Jacket/Sweater:  There isn’t a fool-proof way to gauge what the weather is going to be or what a destination’s A/C will be set at, so make a point to bring some extra layers.
  10. Tissues:  It’s never a bad idea to keep a bag of tissues handy to combat an allergy attack or a restroom with an insufficient amount of toilet paper.

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